Boudoir Photography by HGP

Decatur, Illinois

Hey lady,

Let’s chat about why you deserve the experience of boudoir photography.

As women, we often put unrealistic expectations on ourselves, and society’s standards don’t help much.

HGP’s boudoir photography is here to take back your sense of YOU, and embrace the woman that you are. Not the version who believes she needs to lose 15 pounds, or wait until her next Botox appt to feel better about herself.

We’re embracing the real you.  The beautiful woman who deserves the empowered feeling of boudoir.  Who gives and sacrifices so much of her for the people around her. That woman who is going to transform into a badass and rock her session and LOVE her pictures. She’s going to love herself just a little bit more than she did when she walked through the studio doors.

You love hard. You sacrifice for your family. Everyday, you may run the gamut of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and under pressure to do it all.  Of all the things you love with every fiber of your being, you’re not prominent on that list.

Let’s change that.

All this to say- we see you.  We see you. We see the nerves.  It’s not everyday you’re posing half naked in front of someone you considered a stranger a month ago. I promise you- you’ll love your session so much you’ll be anxious to do another one. No worries if lingerie isn’t your jam- we’ll work with your comfort level with however much skin you do or don’t want to show.


It’s not something we’re used to- choosing ourselves. Our careers, kids, and spouses always come first.

Couple that with trying to maintain some sort of social life, or caring for elderly parents; there are simply not enough hours in the day.

When you book a boudoir session, you’re making the decision to choose yourself. Every time you see your album or your printed artwork, you’ll remember that you are still a woman, and you deserve to take care of yourself, too. You are a woman who is conquering her world, from babies to business to boudoir sessions.

Let’s take a step back and step back from the pressures of work, babies, caretaking, etc. Sit back, and actually relax.

I know, I know. SO much easier said than done, because boudoir sets off butterflies instead of sounding relaxing, right? We have a well thought out process to make sure that you’re taken care of from start to finish. From what to wear, to hair and makeup provided, down to helping choose favorites and album design done for you, with delivery and install all included. Luxury service, right? You’re worth every bit of it.

Woman sprawled on bed in black and white image

Ready to love yourself AND your pictures? I’m here for it.


Design Meeting

The first step, and arguably the one that will establish a certain level of comfort. We’ll discuss your session goals, pick out clothing options, overall expectations, and answer any questions you may have.


This is where the magic happens! Start off your day with hair and makeup so you’re feeling your best self and by the end of the day, we’ll have you embracing every inch of you and loving the boudoir experience.


Don’t believe me that you’ll love your pictures? After a quick lunch (or another day if work calls), we’ll sit down together and take a look at your gallery to pick out your favorites and decide how you want to use them.

Hi! I’m Jen

I’m really happy you’re here and considering a boudoir session. It’s seriously one of my favorite genres to photograph. They’re fun, flirtatious, and well… sexy!

Mid 2022, my family and I moved onto our dream property- I FINALLY owned my studio. A dream come true! The space was exactly what I needed to continue my newborn photography, albeit smaller than what I previously had.

December of 2022 I booked two boudoir sessions back to back and realized there was NO way I could use my current studio space as a boudoir space. So- you’re the reason I have a dedicated (and super private) space to photograph clients in. I decided almost instantly that even though I loved the results using a room in my home, the experience wasn’t EXACTLY what I wanted for my clients.

I love boudoir. I love empowering women. I knew that when I decided to build out my studio in 2023 that I had the opportunity to custom build a boudoir space for my clients and it’s everything I wanted for you and more.

Ready to book? Great! Need to talk through details and get more comfortable with the idea- I’m here to discuss. Request a consultation and we’ll discuss the boudoir session you deserve!