About Me


This is where many about me’s start with always having a camera in my hand and never putting it down. That’s not quite how my journey started.

When I was in high school I applied for the photography class, but with limited availability and no discernible creativity to show for, I didn’t get accepted.

In college, I failed the one photography course I took during a really, really rough semester.

It’s not until I decided to buy a DSLR halfway through my masters program that I started to get a taste for photography. Eventually Gemma came along and Hidden Gem Photography was born.

For years, I’ve stressed to you that chapters of your story NEED documented. Tell your story and always have evidence of special chapters.

However, beyond the physical prints and documenting chapters, I want to bring joy. Joy through the experience; joy through the pictures. I want you to feel joy every dang day you see your images. From babies to boudoir, JOY is why I’m a photographer.

I can’t really sit here and tell you boudoir is a chapter though, can I?

Oh, but it is. Boudoir is a celebration of those chapters. So really, it’s applicable for almost any chapter of your life. Getting married- PERFECT wedding gift! Did you know paper is the gift for first wedding anniversaries? Maternity boudoir, thriving at life, job promotion, getting reacquainted with your post baby body, or just wanting to feel good about yourself are all reasons to do boudoir.

This is just for you- not for anyone else. Sure, it’s a bonus to share them with a significant other, but I’m here to see you, as you are- in whatever chapter or season you’re currently celebrating (or surviving, some days).

If you want the nitty gritty details- I’m mama to #littlelanges and wife to Daniel. I fill my bucket by heading out to the barn to spend time with horses or burying my nose in a book. After almost 20 years of fighting it, I’ve finally embraced my graying curls in recent years and love the freedom of letting go of one more preconception I had of my future self. I love baking cookies, pizza, chocolate, and you can almost always find me with a cup of tea between the hours of 6 am and noon.

Picture of Jennifer Lange, Boudoir Photographer in Decatur Il

Love From Customers

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