Boudoir Photography FAQ’s

Boudoir Photography FAQ’S

What is your client closet?

SO MUCH! From size small to 3x, we have bodysuits, bra/panty sets, robes, and fishnets galore! You don’t HAVE to use the client closet, but I do love taking the burden off my clients to worry about every little detail.

Do I share everyones pictures?

Absolutely not. Your trust is paramount to me, and if you’d rather no one see your pictures, that is 100% ok.

Is lingerie my only/best option?

Nope! I have a whole ass client guide that will give you suggestions, and we’ll figure everything out together during your design meeting. I want you to feel amazing and confident, whether that’s in JUST your skin, or completely covered. If you want to rock chunky sweaters or oversized t-shirts and leggings, let’s do it. If you want to use the skimpiest of lingerie, I’m here for that too!

How much does a boudoir session cost?

This will depend on how we print your pictures- it varies client to client. Hair and makeup is included in our creative fee and set up for you. The artists come to the studio to transform you into the bad ass women you are for your boudoir session. We do offer pre-session payment plans to get the process started that come with some really fun bonuses.

What should I bring?

You! A fresh face, clean hair, and any items we’ve discussed at your design meeting. I have a client closet that has TONS of options, so you may not need to bring anything at all!

How long do sessions last?

The session itself take one to two hours typically, without add-ons (shower scene, anyone?). Most clients take a day to spoil themselves from hair and makeup to enjoying to option of their same day reveal. Hair and makeup take a little over an hour before your session. Take a look at the home page HERE for HGP’s process

Boudoir Photograph FAQ's