Laying Groundwork

Do you tell yourself any affirmations? Are there any you’re teaching your kids to tell themselves? Are you laying groundwork now so later in life, you hope they have a chance of believing the things you already believe about them?

I spend a lot of time trying to laying a foundation for my girls to believe in themselves so they don’t need validation from others as to who they are- now or later in life. Raising my girls into women who know who they are and are valued regardless of their accomplishments is SO important to me. My goal is they never need to seek outside validation for who they are. Of course, these are best of intentions.

Goodness knows I fail, probably all the time. 

In an effort to remind them daily, I have an acrylic that I’m designing for my girls of all the things I want them to be, or what I want them to believe in themselves. Simple statements like I am bold, I am kind, I am patient. All of the things I want them to believe about themselves now and in the future.

My favorites: I remind my girls that they are brave. They are worthy. (There’s a bunch more that might not make as much sense- unless you’re here for our day to day crazy train)

There’s more- but you get the picture (HA). 

You get where I’m going with this- right? We can all use a reminder every so often to be brave (or I don’t know- maybe we could use the reminder more than every so often).

That we’re worthy.

It’s so easy to go through the day to day without realizing that we haven’t pushed ourselves out of comfort zone. We’re wrapped up in surviving the day to day of careers, raising babies, taking care of parents and others. There isn’t much time to think about ourselves, much less do the things that might intimidate or challenge us. Or we tell ourselves right now isn’t the right time to do something that enriches our lives because of obligations.

Obviously, I’m speaking to you when I’m telling you to remember you exist beyond all the directions life is pulling you. 

Be a little brave. Be fearless. KNOW your damn worth, lady. Do the things that might be a little scary, but will be so rewarding in the end. Thinking about these things is great- action is even better.

The list is endless. Obviously, I’m here to cheer you on and hope that of the things that seem scary or intimidating is a boudoir session that you know you can do. 

Not going to lie- it does take a dose of brave to book the session.

That’s only half the battle, too, right? There’s still showing up for the session, and showing up as your authentic self. But I’m here to tell you- I’m walking you through the whole process.  No matter was size you are, what pain points you may have- I want you see how worthy you are. Everytime you open that album or walk past that fabulous metal print, you’ll re-live hownot only beautiful you felt- but powerful. You CAN do a boudoir session, and you CAN do something that will make you feel worthy.

So ladies, remember…

I am bold

I am kind

I am patient

I am smart

I am worthy

I am loved

I am enough

I am fearless

I am creative

I am brave

I am magic

I am light

Backlit woman laying on stomach arching back with ankles crossed

Want your own acrylic for your kiddos? Reach out to get a design consult in the works and we’ll have a custom piece for you before you know it!